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Advanced Cleaner allows you to protect your PC from viruses thanks to its powerful antivirus that has been incorporated. This antivirus protects you from many threats, but we recommend that you always have another genuine antivirus installed on your pc. This antivirus is always improved and enhanced.


Advanced Cleaner allows you to clean up your PC in a very simple way. Just click on clean and choose the items to be cleaned. Advanced Cleaner for now is able to clean the user's temporary files, temporary files on the system, all the data of the browsers installed on PC and other useless files ....


Advanced Cleaner is able to increase the speed of your pc and your internet connection with just one click. In this way you will not have only one pc protected and clean, but you'll also have a fast PC. Advanced Cleaner allow you also to boost a software or a game making it more faster and smoothly.


Advanced Cleaner does not only protect your pc, clean it and boost it, but also helps you to fix your browsers in an easy and fast way. In fact Advanced Cleaner fix your browsers removing all those unnecessary toolbars and search pages that are added without you noticing, bringing your browsers to its original state. Through the benchmarks it was noticed that the browser in this way it becomes much more stable and fast.


Advanced Cleaner is equipped with a powerful tool "RAM Optimizer" that allows the user to clean the memory usage of each process to release and clean the RAM, this function can be used at any time and can be used above all when there are many processes that are slowing down your computer. Is important to note that this tool is not going to close the processes but cleans them.


The premium version of Advanced Cleaner allows you to defragment the disk, uninstall software, boost games making them much faster and without delays, you can access to the tools of windows and you can monitor the use of the cpu and ram through a widget.